Courage and Leadership

waitingforyou        If you look at almost any book you will find they all have one thing in common. Every book contains a theme like quest, adventure, courage, and leadership. These themes can be as complicated as someone going on an amazing adventure to try and avenge their dead parents or as simple as trying to get through the everyday struggle of surviving high school. The main character must always gain enough courage to get over their fears to better their lives in some way. I think that these themes are so popular because everyone wants a happy ending and for the main character to succeed. Courage and adventure themes definitely make for some very interesting plotlines.  

            The book I’m currently reading, Waiting for You, may not have great adventures or huge acts of courage and leadership, but it still follows these themes in some way. It’s about 16 year old Marissa and how she attempts to make the most of her sophomore year even though everyone thinks she’s weird because of her depression the previous year, she’s struggling with anxiety disorder, her mom is cheating on her dad and they’re splitting up, her new popular boyfriend is acting like a jerk, her and her best friend are drifting apart, and she’s kind of starting to have feelings for her best guy friend Nash, who she already previously rejected.  Marissa must find the courage to not let her anxiety disorder overtake her life again and stand up for what she believes in. By the end of the book Marissa has found this courage. She ends up breaking up with her boyfriend, getting together with Nash even though everyone thinks he’s a loser, and coming to terms with her parent’s separation. This book proves that everyone faces everyday challenges and adventures.

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