The Michelle I Know

                When Michelle learns she has cancer she is forced to make many decisions. For starters, she has to decide to think on the Brightside and be happy or not. Michelle chooses the latter and allows her cancer to sink her into depression. Another decision Michelle is forced to make is to trust Rob and believe that he loves her and will stick by her or not. Michelle’s trust in this is tested when Rob doesn’t show up to the hospital and goes to a dance with another girl the night before. Michelle finally ends up deciding to trust Rob because he makes her happy and helps her forget that she is sick.

                  First off, I would never want to be in the position that Michelle is in or have to make the decisions that she does. If I were in her shoes, I like to think that I would try to stay happy and upbeat. Also, I’d try and trust that my friends wouldn’t forget about me just because I was different. I would try not to let cancer ruin my life.

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