The Cove- Dolphin Slaughtering in Japan

            The Japanese government has been lying to their people about what really happens to the dolphins that inhabit their local waters. They falsely stated that everyone knew that the dolphins were being killed. The journalists, under the assumption that the Japanese believed it was a cultural tradition, set out to find the real story. To determine if it was actually a tradition or not, the journalists interviewed people on the street. By doing this, they discovered that many people did not have any prior knowledge of the dolphin killings, and were absolutely disgusted that it was happening. Also, it was in no way a cultural tradition. This was significant to the film because it proved that it was not the whole Japanese culture slaughtering dolphins, just the government. Japanese leaders have let their people believe that their dolphins have been happy and protected the whole time.


                Many people are starting to take a stand against the killing of dolphins in Japan. As knowledge of the killings has been moving more into the public eye, people have been trying harder to stop it. Activist groups, celebrities, and locals have banded together to help save the cetations’ lives.  In The Cove the group risked their freedom numerous times just to stand up for what they believed in. For example, they dangerously planted cameras all around the cove. Setting out late at night, they used diving equipment and military cameras to set up video cameras in the hills and under water so that they could catch footage of the dolphin killings. This event showed how committed the dolphin activists are to their cause. If everyone all over the world, not just activists, could stand up to the Japanese government and workers our dolphins would be much safer.