Harry PotterAlthough fantasy is such a unique genre that all the books are special in their own way, they all usually share the same kinds of themes and general ideas. These themes could be such things as Good vs. Evil, or a hero’s self realization through a quest. Almost all fantasy books contain at least one of the following: magic, a hero and villain, and the supernatural. A popular setting for fantasy novels is medieval times. Because fantasy is such an out there genre authors can let their imaginations run wild and create whatever kind of unrealistic world they want. This allows readers to be teleported into a world where boring everyday things don’t exist.

            A fantasy series that I absolutely love is the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. These books are a worldwide phenomenon that everyone from kids to adults to the elderly will love. The Harry Potter books most definitely fit the fantasy genre. Almost everything in the books is made up such as wizards, dragons, giants, and three-headed dogs. In addition, Hogwarts School has a strong medieval feel to it considering that it is set in a castle. These books are also fitting in the fantasy genre because of their themes. Harry is always fighting against Lord Voldemort (Good vs. Evil), and for a long time is trying to find out who he is and whether he is the chosen one (a hero’s self realization through a quest). This series of books is extremely popular because J.K Rowling made it a story that everyone can enjoy. The books are all fairly simple to read and deal with magic which is good for children, but as Harry gets older he has to deal with some more complex issues such as romance and finding himself, which the adults tend to enjoy. These books are also popular because readers love to read about the out-there world Rowling has created, and imagine that that world could somehow exist in real life.